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Neck Pain Treatment at Complete Health Chiropractic

Man suffering from neck pain

When you can't move your neck without experiencing agonizing pain, you may feel as if you can't do much of anything at all. Neck pain is not only highly distracting in its own right, but can deprive you of the basic functionality you need to do your job, drive safely, or take part in a thousand other everyday activities. But instead of allowing your neck pain to shut down your life, you can choose to receive drug-free, non-surgical neck pain treatment here at Complete Health Chiropractic in Southlake TX.

Types and Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain may have its origins in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that mobilize the neck, or it may stem from alignment or positional abnormalities in the cervical spine itself. For example, an auto accident that slams your head backward and then forward may cause whiplash, which typically combines torn soft tissues with dislocated vertebral joint and herniated discs (which may pinch nerve tissue to cause other forms of pain).

Other kinds of neck pain may be much less sudden in nature, steadily growing into chronic conditions over months or years. An untreated misalignment between the skull and upper cervical vertebrae could be putting your neck muscles under unnecessary stress, causing painful tension and spasms that may also trigger chronic headaches. Degenerative arthritis or chronic inflammation in the cervical vertebral joints may be caused by a bulging disc that has "gone flat," altering the spacing between vertebrae. Even postural choices can cause neck pain. You can see this in people who constantly let their heads droop to check their smartphones, which leads to a painful form of neck strain known as "text neck."

Natural Treatment and Preventative Care at Our Southlake TX Clinic

Bring your sore neck to our Southlake TX clinic for prompt, effective, non-surgical relief. Our chiropractor, Dr. Meyer, can administer cervical chiropractic adjustments to normalize both joint position and the relationship between your head and your neck muscles. Massage therapy (including our automated hydro massage service) can relax tight neck muscles, boost blood flow to injured tissues, and ease your pain without drugs. If you need to train or rehabilitate your neck muscles, corrective exercises can help you regain a healthy posture. We can also make preventative recommendations, from switching to a different pillow to adopting better workplace or smartphone ergonomics.

We're Your Source for Neck Pain Solutions

Master your neck pain, instead of allowing that neck pain to master you. Call Complete Health Chiropractic at 817-310-6604 to arrange neck pain treatment at our Southlake TX office. We want to be your source for neck pain solutions!

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