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Sciatica Treatment with our Southlake Chiropractor

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Limping painfully through life is not most people's idea of a quality existence -- but when you have sciatica, you may feel as if it's your fate. This syndrome, which affects the flow of information to and from your leg, can cause a variety of painful, disabling chronic symptoms. If you need a solution to this nagging problem that doesn't involve major spinal surgery, then you need the natural sciatica treatment offered here at Complete Health Chiropractic in Southlake TX.

The Uncomfortable Signs of Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is a long, thick nerve that runs from the base of the spine through your hip, buttock, and leg. This nerve is the central conduit for all the nerve signals that make their way to the many smaller nerves of the extremity. But the sciatic nerve doesn't attach directly to the spinal cord; instead, it connects to several major nerve roots, which pass from the spinal cord through narrow spaces between the vertebrae.

These nerve roots are typically the origin point of sciatica issues because they're easily pinched or inflamed by pressure from surrounding structures. An acute injury that pushes discs or vertebrae out of position can cause this kind of compression. More commonly, however, natural changes such as bulging discs or spinal stenosis can cause sciatica as you approach middle age. Chronic alignment or postural problems can also pinch the sciatic nerve roots.

Once it does develop, sciatica makes its presence known all too clearly. The classic symptoms are a pain, numb areas, and "pins and needles" sensation" affecting the buttock, leg and/or foot, all caused by interference with normal sensory signals. Low back pain sometimes accompanies these symptoms. Interference with motor nerve signals may also cause weakness in the affected limb.

Non-Surgical Sciatica Answers in Southlake TX

Except for the most severe cases, most sciatica problems can be managed through conservative care. Our Southlake TX chiropractor, Dr. Meyer, will study your symptoms and evaluate your spinal alignment to figure out exactly which nerve root is being pinched, and why. This targeted approach guides him to administer the most precise chiropractic adjustments possible. By correcting the positions of your vertebrae and discs, we take the pressure off of the nerve tissue. This allows the nerve signals to travel freely and normally once again. We can also prescribe corrective exercises and lifestyle changes to help you maintain a healthier posture and alignment going forward.

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